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 Geir Bodin who is the host (I am the co-host) on an international network called "ngage", wrote an important post on LinkedIn today. 

He asks himself now and then: WHO AM I NOW? The now is important here ๐Ÿ˜Š

Search Geir Bodin on LinkedIn and you will find his questions. Very useful questions throughout life. 

 I have a routine I follow since many years and that is that I do like Geir, but only ask myself two questions, a few times per month, as soon as I feel that SOMETHING IS JARRING AND DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT  and that is: what's behind it that it doesn't feel right and what can I do to make me feel like I'm true to myself and feel that it feels right?

If I do this, I gain power, strength and can move forward. 

This is part of the Potensia Methodยฎ

Tune yourself to the right channel and the thought becomes crystal clear.

So important. 

If we are to be good at what we can, if we are to be able to help those we work with, in such a way that they get the success they want, then we must be in tune with all the parts of ourselves, when we work, when we communicate, when we help others with our knowledge. 

If we re-set our mindset and listen to our emotions, we can do that.

This is a good example of the use of our emotional intelligence, i.e. our EI.

 It may seem obvious to some, but no, it's not self-evident, we evolve and change from day to day, all our lives. THEREFORE, it is important to check every now and then and ask ourselves your questions and we all need slightly different questions depending on who we are, and have become far.

Bernhard Coleman, head of employee engagement at Gusto wrote an interesting article on "Leadership in the age of trust": the most important thing of all is trust in those we work with and for and to. It provides psychological safety.

He says: "In fact, psychological safety, a term coined by Harvard organizational behavioral scientist Amy Edmondson in 1999, is defined as "a shared team belief that one can speak up without risk of punishment or humiliation." 

This security can only arise if the person in charge of the job agrees with all their parts, i.e. is congruent when communicating with those with whom one works or wishes to establish a working relationship. Then you can say what you are supposed to, in a good way, so that the message gets across to those you communiacate with. 

What exactly does "if all parts of you are in agreement" mean? 

It means that your psychological, your mental, your spiritual, your physical, and your emotional part, work together and agree with what you do and say โ€“ EVERY DAY. 

In November, I and a colleague who is a certified therapist in art and artist, will hold a course in Spain,  on this, amongst other things. 

FIND YOUR PATH - TRINE AND TINA WILL SHOW YOU HOW is the name of the course. 

 Next time we meet here, I can tell you more.

Here you will see pictures in due course, from the place where we will hold our course. 

The picture you see here now, is my mountain in Spain. At the foot of the mountain is a small village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

 That is where we will hold our course. 

What do you think the mountain looks like? 

Please write to me if you want to answer my question:  

 Until then,  HAPPY SUMMER. 

 Tina ๐ŸŒžโค๏ธ

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