A story about the ability to accept situations and people.

THE SECRET BEHIND THIS IS: when you start accepting your life, your situation, you will start to respect and accept others as well and then it is not difficult to communicate from your heart and mind! 

The result is that your message will reach out and come through because you learn how to use your  #emotionalintellgence, that is the essence of the #potensiamethod.

You will be listened to and understood because on the road to acceptance you will have learned about the #communicationcodes to help ypu to get rid of any #communicationfear  and transfer it into #communicationjoy.

Said in a short and easy manner - your mindset is in always directed towards "THE OTHERS BEST" your body language, your voice and all of you is  automatically turned on to the same channel.

Then you will be able to listen and to understand those you want to communicate with.

To do that you must give acceptance to who and how they are. 

 To do that you must first of all give acceptance to your SELF, just the way you are. Then you will be able to see what you want to correct to feel that all is good, just the way you are. 

Yes, I know this is what they all say.

But honestly to come to that point is actually the best place to start sharing information, thoughts, creativity and a consious presence in relation to others.

You will very clearly be able to see, that the others also are OK as they are. No prejudices, no judgement, only acceptance, even if it might be difficult at first but this is  a good place to start communication, with results.

 If you learn how to separate responsibility for yourself and the others, it will lead to that you can communicate with clarity.

This is the best way to start communication  without fear of the consequences, then you will be listened to and you will not be rejected nor reject others.

But of course you must be willing to go into the process of accepting them  as they are. Separating theirs and yours is vital.


I had a neighbor who has five very unique children with three different men.

It impresses me to hear her describe how different her children are and how she totally accepts it. She is always there for them, listens to them and guides them not on her own premises, but based on who each one of her children is.

She has accepted that all five of her children have different needs, different ways of thinking and reacting.

I have met all four children and they really are very different. Like a juggler in a circus, in a matter of seconds my neighbor manages to tune into the child she is communicating with at the moment, to listen and find out just what that child needs.

She does this with one single underlying intention: to lovingly be present and show the way where necessary. When I hear the youngest children's voices, they are always happy voices.

When their mother is going to say something important or tell them they are not allowed to do something, she adjusts herself to precisely that child's level and way of being.

By accepting them she is letting them know they are good just the way they are with all their differences.

You see, this is our goal when we communicate with one or many persons, to let them know they are OK even if we have our differences.

Perhaps what the mother did, does not sound that difficult to do, but anyone who has lived together with several people knows that this is an art, especially with children who are strong.

All my neighbor's children are strong in their own way. Yet she never loses her own voice in the midst of all that is happening around her. That is a real art. But she confessed to me that it hasn't always been like this.

One of the first things she told me was that she has learned so much from her children.

That is one of the secrets behind those who are super negotiators, they admit to learn a lot from the other part in the conversation/discussion.

She is a humble person but admits she has not always been so.

She has learned and come far on her own path AND she has learned to listen!

Accepting those who are different from us can sometimes be easier regarding those we love, we love them just as they are and we have no need to change or control them, because we are good and OK with ourselves.

For others it may be easier to accept everyone else, but not their loved ones, depending on our own not solved issues, the relation and the situation.

If we think of our job-life then we do not even go in there, thinking we love our boss or our employees, but we can appreciate them and approve of them and give them acceptance for who they are. That will open communication doors and you know, ever so often it ends with that your heart will smile, thinking of your boss because you feel all the good intentions for you, from your boss. The use of EI goes both ways. 

Opening you ears, listening will also open the doors, because it will be so much easier to find out what you should and can say, as a reply.

Being able to accept and approve has mostly to do with whether one approves and accepts oneself.

It is easier to accept yourself if you see that you always do your best each day in relation to where you are in life.

Just think of situations in your life, like your family- life for example. How many times have you had disagreements due to that you do not accept what the other person says, does or vice versa?

And then, think of you work- life. I know you will find many situations where this applies to, you were not approved or your words were not and the other way around as well, you did not approve of the person , the words or the situation. You felt rejected, which in the utter end can give you fear of saying what you think you ought to communicate.

You know talking about acceptance, is really the first thing I mention when I train 1 to 1 or a group.

Everything is in the end based on Emotional Intelligence=EI if we want to reach out and be understood with our message AND get rid of the fear of communicating, we need to accept others differences.

There are many people who really want to learn how to use all the tools we all have as human beings, to become super communicators.

Then I would not have been scared of being rejected for example, just because I said...... well I am sure you know that story, it happens to most of us some times in life.

There are so many of us out there who want to be able to speak our truth but you do not have the courage although you know that once the words are out there it would make a difference.

Communication will always clear up situations and you will feel the heavy load on your shoulders will be lifted away, and the lump in your stomach will dissolve.

You suffered because you did not say what needed to be said and others suffered because you did not speak up to clear the path.

You can have sleepless nights and churning thoughts and all because you do not share your thoughts and questions. Then you wonder why you have headaches, muscle pains and a hurting tummy etc. It is all due to unresolved matters that need to be spoken about and acted upon.

The word, communication comes from the latin "communicare" to share information and to establish connections.

Your WHY (do you need to communicate) is the thought you can not let go because it gives you either a good or bad emotion.

Your HOW (can I communicate) is to establish a connection with the one/ones you need to communicate, with through informing them that you want to communicate.

Your WHAT (will you communicate) here you choose the right words and the right settings to bring forth your information in the best possible way, because you want your message to be received and responded to.

Your WHEN (you will communicate) is not something you always can choose but if you can, do it when you are calm and feel ready.

The process of communication is that your intention is to find out what those that you are communicating with really need and that your message is understood.

It is always wise to pose questions first before you say what you intended to say. 

Some times the information you get through posing questions , will give you new information which will help you in your communication.

The process is about to share and to convey thoughts, ideas and information and see where it leads yo.

You know what you want to say but it is something you feel is difficult to say? I am sure you know this feeling, well next blogg will be about that, the cause behind just that!

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Meanwhile ask yourself: do I have fear of rejection, and if you have does that fear prevent me from communicating?