About me

Tina Hessel

Communication expert

Everything in life has to with which path you choose to walk on. Will you be walking straight on and just sit in the chair at the end or do you choose to go to the right, by the wall and see where that will lead you to?  If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will see the chair.

​I have guided,taught and trained clients for many decades.

Everything I share here with you is based on modern science.

I have worked as an assistant professor teaching anatomy for 30 years.

I used to lead and own a clinic in Oslo, the first dance clinic in Scandinavia.

I closed it in 2013. My job there, besides being the leader, was to coach, train and treat dancers as a physiotherapist and personal trainer. I also taught and certified UHM® Pilates instructors as well as being an instructor myself. I also worked as a communication teacher/trainer at my clinic and travelling around giving work-shops and presentations.

I learned the hard way, what it meant to lead a business, thus being forced to communicate in any situation both with my team and with my clients. You simply cant lead without being able to communicate in such a way that you are understood and the message is received. To do that you first of all need to learn to lead your SELF.

That experience is something I am taking with me working with what I have a passion for: to help those who want to become good at communicating in life, those who really want to take out and use their potential as a super communicator.

To be able to train and use your communication potential you need to understand the codes in communication.

I did not know when I started my business ages ago!

In addition, other parts of my background have given me the passion for my teaching about the communication code.

I could never have been able to work out all the components in the Potensia Method with its codes if I would not have had my master examen from the university in Stockholm.

Sciense of film, gave me an understanding of humanity out of the perspective to be a viewer who is regarding pictures and movements. Pedagogic taught me teaching psychology and communication methods. Sosialantropology taught me that there is a reason behind every action we humans do and say and that we all are equal, who ever we are.

After the university in Sweden I moved to Norway and the physiotherapy came into myt life, I had a deep desire to try to understand how the body and the mind function. As well as a desire to help injured dancers (I was married to a top dancer) helping them to become even better through understanding the functions of the body in dance. Thus they would be able to use their body correct and get peak results on stage. This passion resulted in a few books and the only one also available in English is Functional Dance Anatomy.

A fantastic dancer Rudolf Nurejev who died in 1993 told me to learn Pilates as it was not only for dancers but also for everybody, so I went to USA and learned Pilates. Finally in 2000 I took my education in NLP=neuro linguistic programming as a master practitioner.

When all this was in place I took the best of everything and created Potensia® which is a communication method based on how we use our Emotional Intelligence = EI, using your communication potential.

I wrote a book about how different people are using Potensia®: Potensia living according to your Heart, this book you will also find in English as well as in Norwegian and Spanish.

Today my work consists of writing articles for dancers in a Scandinavia, which are about the body/brain and the mind.

An as said before I supervise/teach/train leaders and non leaders, sell online courses about the communication code and I give 1 to 1 or group trainings, work-shops and I write this blogg. It all has to do with #potensiacommunicationcode and #EI.

I simply love what I am working with and yes I AM NOT A SPRING-CHICKEN ANY MORE and extraordinary thankful for everything I have learned and gathered, so far in my life. Thankful for the people who have helped me and thankful for all the clients I have been able to help to help themselves.

I hope you like these short stories...