On the picture it says: Why do Tina and Trine love Einstein? 

Because he represents: knowledge - awareness - little bit crazy

Under the painting of his face it says: Shall vi go to this course? Come on, lets contat them.

My partner in creating this course is Trine Normann, she has a diploma in art therapy, studying for 6 years to become that. 

We  both love Einstein because he represents what we believe in and have learned is the best way to change, so we think it is important: 

✅ that you are a little crazy

✅ that you are fond of people

✅ and curious

✅ and have patientce  

✅you are generous 

✅ you are true to yourself 

✅and have the courageto say what's on your mind 

✅ dare to think in new ways

✅ that you don't judge other people's thoughts

✅ that you dare to stand for what you live and believe in

 E = mc2 is the formula for his theory of relativity, which means in short that Mass and Energy can be transformed, that is, Energy can become Mass, and that Energy can later be released. 

Trine and I work a lot with these ways of thinking. If you think about it, it's not hocus pocus at all. 

Everything begins with a thought, a thought is energy - your thought can be turned into action - the action becomes mass. 

YES, this is how one can use it and interpret it and in many more possible ways. 

You will see where this ends up, just follow us. 

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We have a goal and that is to really help as many people as possible to find their way, as we have done for many years. 

Who is my work partner, Trine? See for yourself: 


she is a qualified art therapist/painter and creator.

Einstein is a great inspiration for us and our course:


Do you really need change to find your way in life?

We, Trine and I think the answer is yes we need movement in  body, soul and spirit to be able to move on.

Both from our own experience and from the experience of all those we have helped to find their path, we know it is like that.

We have guidet them, giving them techniques with tools that gave them a change in their mindset, based on their own premises. So much fun, everybody says who has attended our courses and NOIW finally we shall have a course in Spain.

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