No. 5 Your energy

Here I intend to share a conversation I have written about in my book POTENSIA LIVING ACCORDING TO YOUR HEART.

When you se the sky,  white clouds and  the blue sky, are also energies.

Catherine is a client. We talked about what actually energy ment thinking about the co-work we were doing.


What does Catherine mean when she says: "I'm surprised I used so much energy on unnecessary things"?

She is referring to the strength, time, thought and emotion she has used on the mental process she used to follow – just as her home and society had brought her up to follow – and which she allowed, her PD.

 Instead of realizing she only needed to think all the important thoughts just once in order to maintain them in her brain, which is how our brain functions,  she was instead always thinking and consciously carrying around all these thoughts in her head until it felt like it would explode. She did not understand yet, that her important thoughts would have appeared when she wanted them to.

After Catherine had worked with the energy section of the con- sciousness game, I asked her what she associated with the word 'potensia'.

She replied: "The word 'potensia' makes me think of how I want to use my potential in a way that gives me energy but does not steal it."

Catherine continued: "My new way of using the word energy is connected with a new consciousness of how I now define strength. I can either use energy on things that wear me out, or else on things that give me even more energy. I can stay in places that have either good or bad energy. I can be with people that drain my energy or fill me with energy. I can surround myself with things that give or take energy.

Things themselves have energy. Conditions have energy. People can radiate energy. Everything is energy: the air, a chair, a rock, people, sound, feelings, water, and I am conscious of them. This is how I now interpret the word energy."

In certain situations I can be on my way back to my old energy-demanding, dishonest way of thinking (the PD pops up!). Then I talk with someone about my feelings or write down my thoughts as you suggest I do. This is a great help. I feel I become more and more courageous as time passes. As you said last time, this demands practice and courage.

I see that working on becoming conscious is quite a self-regulating process. It takes me to where I belong and to where I feel good and whole. This process can take one minute, one hour or several days as you said. But now I always return to where I want to be. I always have to go within and feel in my heart whether my actions or thoughts feel right. The answers come much quicker now than in the beginning.

When I came to you last time, you asked me to practice not judging but instead accepting and respecting myself, others and situations. This took a lot of practice. The closer I was to those involved, the more practice this demanded. This could include

Situations in everyday life or personal heavy emotional experiences that I trained myself to both accept and respect. This conscious exercise replenishes my energy because I return to being myself, and this gives me pleasure, peace and strength."

 I find I have become more humble. I don't judge like I used to. I do now respect and accept that people are different from me and that everyone has their reasons for the way they are and act. This is something that has just happened on its own because you taught me how to train my mind. Had you not asked me, I would not have thought of it. How wonderful to be richer because of this new consciousness!"

I replied: "You see, the process is self-regulating. This happens because you have wrestled with the various things we have talked about and you have worked with them in a conscious way! How has your work progressed with asking yourself the question: 'Am I worth this?'

She said she was still working on this in particular, and found she would forget the question until someone or a situation was a fact.

I told her that everything takes just the amount of time it should. We all use a different amount of time on each task. Once again this has to do with how we are programmed and what we have experienced in our lives.

Catherine agreed with this. She asked me to talk a little more about being particularly conscious about one's worth.

I replied: "'Am I worth this?' is the question that will always lead you to the answer that matches precisely with what you feel, need and want. It is smart to have this question as an ongoing inner dialogue in life's different situations. This question will help you appreciate and value yourself. When the answer comes either as a clear yes or no, this is a corrective aid to help you understand how and what you should use your energy on.

When you first start practicing this, you may often experience many painful emotional stages before the answer comes. With

Just practice and the answer eventually comes right away once you have started to appreciate yourself. 

Appreciating ourselves does not mean we are infallible. On the contrary, we eventually see our mistakes more clearly and appreciate others pointing these out.

Let the feeling lay there until the day arrives when you can understand it. 

At this point you will know whether it is right or not. During this process it is easy to always immediately defend yourself. Try not to use energy on this.


But hallo, are we not talking about communication codes here? What does that have to do with energy and inner balance?

Think back what she was talking about that if you are not open and honest it will steal a lot of energy from you and those around you. You will need courage to be honest and open. At the same time honesty and openness gives you courage.

If you are not being honest and open you can not be in inner balance.

In other words if you are out of balance, let us say you are sad, angry or upset then it is difficult to communicate in a clear manner.  Your words and message will be colored by the way you feel emotionally. 

Using energy on unnecessary things will take your energy from you.

Catherine and I also talked about how she did practice not to judge neither herself nor others, but instead respect and accept people and situations. Just as we talk about in code No.1. 

Her conscious training on this topic reloaded her with energy and she felt that it was like "coming home to herself". It gave her joy, peace, inner balance and energy and of course the courage say what she knew she had to say in her message.

You know this leads to that your voice your body language, your wording, your breath, your pauses in between the phrases will all be colored by your inner balance and your message will thus be very clear.

Your energy will be received by the other/s and they will be convinced by your message because you radiate a genuine authenticity. 

If you always ask yourself, in all situations that have to do with you wanting to communicate about something that feels difficult: am I worth this? and if your stomach, your heart, your thoughts respond with a yes or no, then you know how to perform your message.

The next code is about honesty I am so looking forward to share that with you😄 it will be released soon.

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