About oliveoil

A story from the other day.

I went to a grocery shop to buy many bottles of olive oil to put them in my cellar.

I take a tablespoon of olive oil every morning on a fasting stomach. Me and my dog, he is already almost 2 years over the age of his relatives of the same breed. A young mom shopping at the store asked: what do you do with that much olive oil?

I answered: I have a routine of taking a tablespoon every morning, as y dog does,because I want his and my body to feel as good as possible.

He goes overtime, I don't, I'm XX years old and have always had an intention to get very old and to stay healthy😊 I told her my age. Her response was: no, no that's not possible, I replied, it IS possible, I'm XX years.

I walked towards the cashier and the young woman pointed at me, look there she comes and yes, what am I going to say, everyone just said: that's not possible, is it really true that you're XX years old and your dog XX years?

The whole store picked up on this because the young woman who had asked me, had told everyone she met in the shop.

Besides that this gave me a joy-filled energy - of course, I thought to myself, yes this is what I have been saying all these years: I want to grow old, that's one of my intentions in life and without my routine, my body wouldn't be able to dance out of joy.

All the young people in the store said: you have to write a blog about everything that you do. I replied, "I'm already writing a blog, about communication. This his is communication at the very highest level - communication with and to the body."

You may wonder what I mean by the "very highest level": every day my body, all my cells get things that I bring to the body through will and action - olive oil and my intention to grow old, amongst tohers.

I say to myself, "how wonderful now I have xx years left if I'm going to be about 100 years old and still have my healthy fast head and my strong fast legs"! 😊

Then I thank you for being lucky enough to feel good and look younger than I am, feel younger and still think young and keep up. I define communication at the "very highest level" as communicating with my inner self and with my body via my thoughts and feelings, and that I can feel and see that it makes positive changes to me as a human being.

The people who have been helped by me to make changes in their lives, changes to learn to lead themselves, have done so by activating their EI when communicating with their inner dialogue.

You know, we talked about your PD in Code No. 2, when you were in dialogue with your inner voice which you were programmed with from childhood. A dialogue that takes energy away from you.

Here we are also talking about being in dialogue with your inner self, but in a way that gives you energy, insight, change and replenishment. That is also part of using your emotional intelligence, your EI.

Until we meet again, Be good, take care 😊