Code No. 3 Thinking with your Heart - - as well


To give a speech to someone you have a relation to in some way, is a super exercise to train parts of your Emotional Intelligence. 


You do not need to stress, just turn on a little flame 🔥 of empathy in your heart 💖 and all of you will automatically be focused on to listen and to get through with your message in a good way. That is the way you use your EI.   

Just think of how cool it is that we human beings have this fantastic brain that functions in such a way!

If all of you is set up to communicate from your heart feeling, then your message will be listened to because, as said, your words, your body language, your voice and your breathing will be colored by your empathy. Thus you will be perceived as an honest and authentic person when you communicate. You will bre able to see and feel the positive energy from the one/ones you communicate with.

My clients and me, have experienced this, again and again, it never goes wrong. This is not some kind of magic it is based on pure science and experience.

Our bodies are 24 around scanning, reading, interpreting our emotions. If you know how to get the best out of your potential as a communicator through helping your emotions  on to the best path - then you will have a world that will open up for you. 

Those around you will listen, because you listen and they will see and feel that your flame 🔥 in your heart is turned on.

Remember the best communication technique is based on Emotional Intelligence = EI.

I usually say: from your head to your heart back to your head and out of your mouth - as words. OR - from the mental part of you to the emotional part and both go back to your brain and will be processed there and thus the that do words come out will be listened to.

But what is actually EI?

•It is a theory within psychology about the ability to understand and getting aware of your own and other peoples, emotions.

•It is about being able to separate between yours and other peoples, emotions. 

•It is about to use this information, that is, understanding and separating yours and other emotions, and therefore act according to that.  Yours is yours - theirs is theirs.

You will train to gain an authentic emotional consciousness. 

Which will lead to safe, sustainable, respectful and empathetic relationships in your life. 

If you always separate the emotions, you will acquire an authentic emotional consciousness which is part of what will help you to find the right words in different situations in your life. You will feel that your inner self is in agreement with all parts of you and with training you will receive a communication JOY  - because now you master it  and any fears you had beforehand do vanish.

You will feel safe and it is easy to communicate when all parts of you as a person are in agreement with each other.

Your body can relax in a very different manner than if you stop thinking of "what do they think" or if you think that "perhaps things are not as they ought to be, because I... etc."

If you seriously start to think of how everything is totally dependent on which kind of pictures you imagine in your head that could go wrong and that in turn will influence your emotions. You know like "do I really need to give a speech at my brothers wedding?"

Just think if I XXXXX and there you pushed the button for allowing the fear thoughts.  Absolutely not necessary to do. If you are focused on to use the flame 🔥 in your heart 💖 , these situations will occur less and less and situations like that speech will be fun!

Well, you know what I mean, we have all been there and we visit that place once in a while BUT you have a plan to get out of it.

I remember when I was to be educated in Neuro Linguistic Programming . =NLP. my teacher talked about "to be congruent". An expression I had never heard of from before.

So what is congruence then?

Congruence is that all parts of you are in agreement with each other. Well, what are all parts of me? She answered: "all of you".

All of me?  So when things feel right in accordance to what I do and think I am congruent? She said: "yes"! 

This is 23 years ago and today I can give better answers due to my daily job as a communication expert.

If you want your communication to reach out and your message to ber understood as well as understanding others message there is no other way than using "all parts" of your SELF. 

It is not only your head, the mental part of you, that is your thoughts, that count, they are a part of it. 

Your emotions, your feelings are a vital part when you wish to communicate without #communicationfear, transforming it into   #communicationjoy ✨

All of you is your body - your thoughts - your emotions.

When they all are in agreement, then your words will be clear and strong and reach out. 😊


•You are a physical part = your body

•You are a mental part = your though

•You are a spiritual part = that which leads you into your inner truth

•You are an emotional part = your feelings

•You are a psychological part = your behavior

Your processes, your behavior consists of all this.

Your message will reach out in a credible trustworthy manner when they all are in agreement.  

Your mindset and your knowledge is that which will give you balance in your daily life and that will generate automatic results.

A client of mine wished to work with the technique to be able to reach into your heart feeling. She wanted to learn how to start the little flame of compassion, empathy and love in her heart 🔥. That is one method you can use when you are going to have talks in front of strangers related to your job for example. 

Just the thought of having to hold that talk gave her breathing problems, trembling knees and sweaty hands. She could not say no the the assignment if she wanted the job she was offered.

I taught her a special breathing - the sssss breathing so that she could feel an inner calm and also to boost her intention and will - through visualizing the flame in hear heart 💖

She eagerly trained this and the next time we spoke she said: "I am reaching a certain kind of inner condition using the sssss breathing and the picture in my head. I am reaching the same state of mind as when I am daydreaming.

I get in touch with a warm heart feeling, it is quite fantastic because this is just what I wanted!! You know, suddenly people pop up those that I carry around with me in my heart".

I asked her what that ment..

"For me to carry someone with me in my heart means that they have touched something within me. Physically I can feel that the thought of this person or situation gives a warm feeling in the region of my heart. I can feel a warm tenderness".

SUPER! I said 😊

That is the emotion you have take with you when you are standing in front of them- with a big smile and YES💖

Do you think it all went well when she gave her tal?? Of course it did, she was absolutely congruent using her EI, in other words her talk was in agreement with her thoughts and emotions and her words were very well received.

People thanked her for the talk and said that she was so very clear in the way she presented the matter and it was easy to follow as well as the way she answered the questions afterwards. 

You know our body and brain are is fantastic. I made a little video about that in 2019, you can watch it here if you want to:

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Yes we are talking about #communicatiuoncodes here and next time I will speak about code No.4.

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