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Your PD

Code No. 2 Your Programmed little Devil=PD

Do you remember that in the last article I talked about that we all have and have situations where we know we should have said X to Y but we dont know If and How and When?

What is it that is keeping you from going to action and say that which you know you should communicate about?

Perhaps you are that kind of person that feels that it is easy to talk in different settings but you are no good in communicating about that which is lying there and reminding you about it all the time?

Or your background has shaped you and your little PD saying: dont say it, that is not the proper thing to do!

Or you fear that what you know you have to say will be rejected or that the one you are communicating with will feel rejected?

You know you should say it and you can feel it as a lump in your stomach or tensions in your neck and shoulder muscles or.. or... -THAT IS the bodies reaction due to you not sending your message forth.

Think about it, you DO have a message, you want to share and you know that if you dont it will grow and grow just because you did not have the courage or the tools on how to communicate about your message.

To communicate is an action which goes two ways between you and the other/s and you are expecting an answer to be able to solve the matter or to be able to let go.

The best thing to do every time you wish to communicate ist to try to put yourself into the other/s situation. Focus on the fact that you want to try to understand them, then you will see that your words automatically will ber colored by your mindset. In addition you will feel calm and when you do then it will be shown in both your tone of voice and your breathing as well as your body posture.

OK, so what has this to do with your PD? Your programmed unwanted mindsets will automatically slowly be deleted step by step as you fill your mind with new knowledge and patterns.

Here is a little story about our PD. One of my clients has allowed me to share parts from her story:


My programmed PD had taught me how to talk, dress, behave, eat, and greet when grown up people were present.

When I was alone, I could be my self but when I was with my friends I was a good trained actress. I was what was expected from a popular young girl. 

Those days my PD was so well programmed that I was an expert in acting natural in all surroundings which ment that I did get to know many people from different walks of life.

I said:"In other words you were a well behaved successful young woman according to what you thought the world was expecting"?

She smiled and said: as sweet and kind and nice as I had been as a child I became the opposite as a teenager. On purpose I did everything my mum did not like. My PD reminded me all the time about what I should not do nor say, but I could not give a damn about it!

My dad had had a very different life from my mum, before they met. She had temperament, he was always very cool. When she was exploding, he could smile to himself, behind her back.

He never thought that my protests were much to do about. He ment it was a natural part of the teenage process, growing up.

But he always did what mum asked him to do - for the sake of peace at home.

His PD knew that if you do what she wants then he would avoid trouble. Dad was a very patient man. When he finally exploded, which I only saw once in my life, he went and did not come back until after two days.

So you see, my PD was groomed to not talk about unpleasant things.

In my mums world it was very important what others meant and thought about us. That became my worst enemy when growing up. It had to do with her background and that she had to build her life in a new country after world war 2. She had to be accepted. It was not easy to come from a foreign country right after the war.

Through my mothers way of navigating in life, my PD learnt that everything always should be perfect, so that nobody could criticize me. 

Keeping up appearance, was important to my mother. We never had too much, we never had too little, we always had enough of all materialistic things in our life. My PD was taught that exclusivity without showing off, was important.

When my mother was stressed and overworked she became dominant. She could not take it if I we not agree with her with the result that everybody did bend towards her wishes.

Thus my PD did did learn that I was allowed to  how to speak to the family in such a manner that they did what I wanted, when I was a stressed. This behavior I transferred to my marriage, when I was stressed.

My mother was a successful business woman. She was a loving mum, when she was not stressed and she was an absent wife.

In my childhood home we all bent to the absurd limit, to avoid any quarrel.

My PD was very well trained in avoiding conflicts and lying to avoid quarrels.

As a teenager I lived two parallel lives, besides the little that was left of me. Kind at home, mischievous out of the house, everything SHE did not want me to do and everybody SHE did not want me to be with I did and I was with. 

Somehow I just had to let all my pent up emotions be relieved. I was a young girl/woman with large inner conflicts.

Living two lives and actually being someone else, will never go well. All is split and you lose your self and you inner being is fractured.

It was around this time that I started to get trouble with my stomach, pain, cramps, often a little nauseous and nervous. All this is of course gone now, now that you have taught me how everything is connected with each other in our fantastic body. The body will ALWAYS react n emotional stress.

When I was young we only talked about stress in relation to work and noise.


This was the clients story.


Here we have an example of a young person that did everything she could to avoid conflict and who went as far as totally rejecting her inner self. She kept up appearances, to not have to communicate that which she actually had in her heart.

This taught her that she could get away unpleasant conversations and so she never had a chance to learn how to communicate, share, inform her family and her friends about what she really felt and thought.

This led to that she developed bodily aches and pains carrying them with her into her adult life and it also led to that she broke up from most of her relationships.

Had she come from a home where one talked about the matters that appeared with the aim to try to solve the problems, share thoughts, give acceptance to the different family members differences, then she would not have had to fight with her #communicationfear.

That fear she did get rid of, working with the #potensiamethod.  It was she who worked with it because she wanted lasting changes to get a better life. I just did my job as a supervisor leading her onto her own inner path.


If you do you will see that it is easier to find the right words you need when you want to deliver your message, when you communicate. You see, your words will be colored by your thoughts and emotions - hers were colored by the fear of conflict - which in the end came from fear of being rejected.

We all have our little PD, our programmed devil.

When clients ask me if I have a picture of my PD the answer is: he is black and red, has happy, deceiving brown eyes and long red ears, a long tail and black fur, he is sitting on my shoulder, either on the left or the right side. Every time I talked about him, this is the image that used to pop up.

In the beginning when your PD pops up just observe it does and accept it is there. As time goes by it will pop up less and less and in the end - actually nearly never again. This is due to that you have changed your patterns and mindset into something that enhances you as a person and helps you.

So far, all of my clients, who became conscious about the PD, had an image of it.

It, he, she - it really does not matter - it is a constant state, as a result of whom you have been programmed in your life. 

The brain, our computer, is programmed based on where we come from, what we have experienced and how we have lived.

If you know me from before then you know that I teach and train individuals, teams, groups, leaders and they have had the joy of learning the #leadertraining program of the #potensiamethod, and then you know that I teach and train both on and offline.

You will also know that the leader training is not just for leaders in businesses, but courses from a program where you will learn how to lead yourself and through communication based on emotional intelligence, that is EI. You will become the leader in your life and of your life.

The next article will be Code No. 3 TO THINK WITH YOUR HEART


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