The 7 communication codes help you to get your message across - and to understand others better - everything is based on Emotional Intelligence, i.e. EI - THAT's what we're talking about here.

Here is text from Din Reportasje, a magazine published in Spain by Ann-louise Gulstad: Contact us if you have any questions😊

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In idyllic surroundings on the Costa Blanca, Swedish Tina Hessel and Norwegian Trine Normann show women and men how they can use their:

In idyllic surroundings on the Costa Blanca, Swedish Tina Hessel and Norwegian Trine Normann show women and men how to use their hidden resources through emotional intelligence. Tina and Trine are in a good mood ahead of the start of the course in November. All the pieces are in place, and both are excited to get started. -We will show the participants how they bring out their potential by using resources they did not even know they had in them, smiles Tina. It will open up many new and exciting opportunities. You get on a new and safe path, where you use all the knowledge and experience you have to make decisions you feel comfortable with. There is only room for seven pieces per course, so here is first come, first served. Every once in a while in life, especially in these times of uncertainty, we all need to have that security inside of us and with us, Trine adds. We need to know where to go. Absolutely everyone has opportunities to change direction so that they have a better quality of life, regardless of age, gender and cultural background. Respect, trust, love and honesty are keywords. The course has been planned and prepared by the two women for a long time. Together they make a great team. -I am a supervisor with many years of experience, and Trine is a diploma trained art therapist, says Tina. Trine pulls out one jewel after another from her treasure chest as an art therapist and from life. I do the same with my background and life experience. The women met for the first time a few years ago when Tina started UHM-Pilates training for the members of a Norwegian club on the Costa Blanca, and which Trine signed up for. "I learned as we got to know each other that Tina was also doing supervision. I was stuck in some issues, which were a result of everything I had carried through a difficult childhood, adolescence and adulthood, and which I was unable to solve myself. For years, I had been stuck in old patterns, taught accepted truths that were not mine, both from society and family. Tina became her tutor over a period of time. Trine was mildly surprised by how many unused resources she had, resources that had to be freed up so that she could use her potential. "Tina poked holes in the problems by asking the right questions through her insights into emotional intelligence (EI). I gained a whole new power that has made me take great steps in the right direction. It's like being born again. Emotional intelligence Tina is behind and works with The Potensia Method, about which she has written several books. It's about everyone having unused resources. Through communicating with our inner dialogue, based on using our emotional intelligence (EI), we influence our mindset in a positive way. "This will enable us to find and develop our unused resources," says Tina. The fear of communicating about difficult things gradually disappears because we learn to speak from the heart, and without fear of hurting others and without fear of being hurt ourselves. Through the course we offer, participants get a tool that helps them communicate in a whole new way and that will make a difference in their lives. It doesn't take much. With a little practice, they'll discover that they have resources inside of them that will make a big change in their lives, including in the lives of those around them. It is about harmonizing the participants' mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological qualities.-All our structures and foundations are imprinted in us from the beginning of our development, Trine explains. Our experiences as children are the result of us as adults. We have to accept and live with something, a lot we can change, if we want to. It's about understanding how things are screwed together in humans. It makes a big difference on the road ahead in life. We constantly experience that people in a problem situation suddenly discover meaningful connections. The result is a much better life. Free up unused resourcesArt therapy is an important part of the course. And this is where Trine comes in. "Art therapy is a unique tool that helps people cope instead of them retraumatising. However, mastering this tool is essential to achieving the desired results. Participants will be amazed at how it works, and how effective it is. Through images, emotions arise, and it is these emotions that we address. The goal is that the participants find a new way to go that matches what they represent as human beings. "Many people have a problem they have struggled with for a long time, and that greatly affects their quality of life. They can talk about it endlessly, without getting anywhere. This is because the brain is constantly running in the same groove. In art therapy, I work a lot with creative expression, which breaks the pattern the brain has created. Through using it, I usually get to the core. Then the pattern can be broken. Tina and Trine promise that participants will see the results of the course almost immediately. After 30 hours of teaching, they are equipped with techniques, tools and methods that they can use after the course is finished. "Everything is connected in us humans, and the participants want to see how," says Tina. This is very important. For example, how is feeling and thought connected to the brain and hormones? How are our actions and what we say connected? This is only a small part of the course. Guess we're going to have fun! There will be a lot of laughter, I can promise you that," she smiles. Best of all, the course is held in unique surroundings in the north of the Costa Blanca. We are talking about Finestrat, which is a typical Spanish village located at the foot of the Puig de Campana mountain and where there are hardly any tourists.-It is one of the smallest villages in the province of Alicante. Archaeologists have found that Finestrat has the oldest settlement in the entire area, there is evidence of settlement 20,000 BC. The sea and the beach are located five kilometers below the city. From the course location there is a 360 degree view. On a clear day you can see Alicante city, which is 40 kilometers away. In a beautiful villageThe guest house where participants stay during their stay, is located just five minutes from the typical Spanish townhouse where the course itself takes place and where lunch is eaten every day. -Here we are talking about fresh air, the Mediterranean, birds chirping, fresh spring water, flora and a view that takes your breath away, says Tina. When asked if there is anything in particular they would like to add, Trine speaks.-In order to feel good in life, it is extremely important to feel safe. Otherwise, you can't make the right decisions. We teach participants how to communicate in a way that makes them feel confident in what they say and their decisions. Some might say, "Yes, yes, blah, blah." But we don't do yes, yes, blah, blah—we get what we promise. If you want more information, just go to our Facebook page "Find your way with courses and guidance". There are all the details of the course. You have several different dates to choose from. Welcome! Course Dates:2023: 7-14 November.2024: January 28 - February 4, February 4-11 and March 3-10. Contact info: Phone: 00

Here is the information about a courses  me and my colleague Trine Normann, will have in Spain  spring 2024.

Arrival on 4.2 and depart on 11.2, we work, create and have fun together  and 3-10.3.

What's included in this one-week package?

✅ You will be picked up from the airport

✅There will be 7 people on each course 

✅Included is 7 days of accommodation at a guest house ✅There you will eat breakfast, at the guest house 

✅Lunch in CASA DADRIA, chef Runa prepares lunch

✅Your  first dinner in the house where we also work
✅ The course is held in a unique Spanish "townhouse" 
✅ All will be in a mountain village. in the old town 

✅30 hours of knowledge - learning and playing

✅ A surprise for you, which takes place by the sea
✅ We will be exploring the area

✅You get experiences for your life 

✅You make new discoveries in yourself

✅ There will be a lot of laughter

✅You receive methods and tools to use in life
✅ Dinner together the last evening
✅ You will be driven to the airport

All of this is included in the course package.

30 hours of teaching - learning - playing with exercises that leave lasting positive marks.

You pay your own ticket to Alicante and remember that in November the plane tickets are not expensive.

As soon as you have decided and paid a binding deposit of NOK 5,000, you should book a ticket.

Deadline for registration is: 6.10.2023 FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED

Contact us on or to or call: 91160505

Welcome to us on courses in Casa Dadria!

Who are we?

Trine Normann - designer with marketing and diploma trained art therapist.

Tina Hessel - supervisor in communication, based on Emotional Intelligence, Physiotherapist and UHM Pilates instructor.

Despite troubled times, upheaval life stories have both used every technique, method, and tool you're going to get to find our inner peace, clear thinking, and path.

Many people have received help with this from Tina, from before, including Trine, but the two of us have never merged our knowledge before, so this will be a party with a lot of joy!

Trine's story can be read here under Discussion in the menu of our event that we have on Facebook:

My meeting with Trine is also discussed there.

Our heads and hearts together, knowledge over a total of 60 years of experience has given us the tools to guide you so that you can move forward on your path after the course.

You are the master, we are the supervisors, so that you can find your way in all kinds of situations.

We will work and actually play, with brushes, colors, music, movements, drum journeys, meditations and exercises that you can take with you further in life.

This will open up your path, that's what we want to give you insight into.

You're probably wondering what to expect if you join us for courses in Spain in November?

You will learn:

✅ How to bring out the leader in you

✅ How to bring out your congruence

✅ How to use your Emotional Intelligence, in life

✅ How everything is connected, from thought to action
✅ How your body reacts when you think a thought
✅ how you can cope with feelings of uneasiness
✅ How to feel good with and in your body
✅ How to get control of your financial mindset
✅ How to find the courage to be who you are

 ✅ How to find the strength to speak your truth

✅ How to get rid of unnecessary stress

Once this is in place, you no longer have to struggle to expend energy on unnecessary situations or to project your frustration onto others.

We can promise you that you will have learned this and that you will take with you tools and methods that you can use in the future.

As I said, SPA for body and soul.

A week in good, safe and loving surroundings where you will discover your unused resources, for the benefit of you and those around you.

The Potensia Method has helped up to 1,000 people over the past 25 years.

Welcome to us on courses in Casa Dadria.

We guide, YOU find your way, is our motto.

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Tina Hessel and the Potensia Method.

Here is Trine's website:

Wishing you all the best.

Regards,Trine and Tina

The road never ends ❤️

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Is IE the same as EQ?

If you click on MORE you will find the answer.

 The 7 codes, the most important to be able to reach out and to be able to understand others better when communicating, that is what we are going through here. If you go to  More (up on the right hand side) and click on "blog continues" you will be able to read about what happened when I stopped by a grocery shop the other day. 

A nice example of positive change of your body through conscious communication with your inner self!


In December 2022 I started to write here about:


I want to share a few stories here. Perhaps some of them will  resonate with you and start some thoughts and emotions. 

All actions (like you reading this)  always will trigger thoughts and emotions. 

I am going to write a lot about this in the future. 


All stories to come are related to the communication code you can learn through Tinas Potensia® Method

Cracking that code is a liberation simply and doors into yourself and others are opened.


Code 1. ACCEPTANCE: (accepting) the second: is the first code if you are to be able to communicate in such a way that other people's messages reach you and your message reaches it/them.

Acceptance means approving of something, someone, or situation.

Code 2. YOUR PD: your little programmed devil - how to overcome it - so you can communicate based on who YOU are.

Code 3. THINKING WITH THE HEART = NOT: simply filtering your thoughts through your emotions and thus communicating from an empathetic point of view.

Code 4. Is about MOT in communication

Code 5.Er about ENERGY and Communication

Code 6. Is about HONESTY and communication

Code 7. Is about EXPECTATIONS and communication

These are the 7 seven codes that will help you become a congruent and authentic communicator. 

When I teach, either on or offline, we always go through these points in such a way that they are adapted to you and along the way you get tools and methods that you practice until they become an automatic part of you and your mindset. THIS IS FUN!

More articles/stories, coming all the time over time, so just stay tuned 😊

I'm standing here below, utterly happy, at the Grand Canyon in the United States. A powerful experience. A trip of 3 weeks where finding joy and inner peace in nature was the whole goal. We have so much amazing scenery here at home that we can enjoy and enjoy the beautiful and mighty and maybe realize that we are just a little ant, on the whole ❤️ Hope you enjoy this blog, it continues if you click into more, at the top right page here.


Tina Hessel

Communication expert- teacher/trainer

I have worked with guiding/teaching/training/ anybody who is interested in becoming a super communicator. I do this 1 to 1  online and I have courses online, I give presentations, have talks, work-shops so that you will be able to crack the communication code.

This is fun and it gives lasting results. 

You will easily be able to apply and implement the training into your daily life, from the first time you dive into these courses.

It is immediately applicable! Which of course is the fun of it as you can see how others react on the NEW you and you will feel your own development.

You can contact me here:

Here you can check the courses: 

All of them are also in English.


What is the Potensia® communication code? 

That is what I am going to share with you here. 

So looking forward to share what I have been working with and helped a few thousand people over many years - how to be able to communicate in a clear, steady and conscious way without fear.

If you use your empathy and implement your  emotional intelligence #EI into your communications both to individuals and groups, that is the way for your message to always come through. 

Your message might be rejected which is not your problem. It is OK and you have to find other and new ways to communicate your message.