Communication Courage code no. 4

Being brave, without knowing the outcome, is daring to defy what one is afraid of. 

Being rash is not the same as being courageous.

Courage is associated with wanting change. 

We want to explore our own limits, or we are in a situation where we are forced to go beyond our limits in order to move forward. 

We have an intention that we follow - no matter what - and this leads to change. 

We often discover that what we thought was dangerous, was not.

Change in oneself most often leads to gaining courage to also make changes in other areas of life. 

This is the reason why COURAGE is a concept as a part of the communication code.

Think about a situation you can remember where you wanted to say xxx but you did not have the courage because you were scared of how the other/s you talked to, would perceive what you said. You were scared of the consequences.

Remember, we have all been there!

And now go back to the same situation an make a picture of that you have finally learned techniques that have given you tools to be able to say the same thing in an easy way - straight from your heart. Now you can feel what a liberation it would be for you if you could have.

In other words to make changes to really have a wish to be able to say things without fear of the consequences - is the first step to lead yourself on to your further path.

Everything is possible even if it might take longer than you thought from the beginning.

Now you have experienced that it is not scary to talk to the people around you, as long as your communication is honest and empathetic.

You have experienced not to listen to your PD, but that your message from the heart, always is the right thing to do. You have turned on your empathy, you Emotional Intelligence, your EI, when you communicate.

When we have started working with making changes in the self, we see that we can develop in the direction we desire. 

If we think back on where we started all this work, most often we can remember asking ourselves: "Do I dare do this?" Then when we see where we have landed, we also see that we have received substantial confirmation about the changes we dared to make in ourselves.

 This gives us the courage to continue further along this path with ever greater strides to also make changes in other areas of our lives, such as holding a talk with ease, giving a lecture, have 1 to 1 talk with someone you should have talked to a long time ago.

As time goes by your strides become greater and greater and you might end up thinking that you want to communicate to a larger number of people, perhaps even via video or an event.

The possibilities are infinite, if you have the courage.

When you challenge yourself to become a leader of your own life, you will no longer block yourself because you do not feel blocked any more. 

These are significant visible physical changes that place you where you want to be in your life, if this is what you wish for and if this is what you have as your highest intention at that moment in order to move forward.

We learn that it is not dangerous to talk with those around us as long as we are honest and loving in our communication. 

We find that not listening to our PD, but instead listening to the message in our hearts will always be the right thing for us. Through this process one experiences becoming a person who feels joy, peace and balance. 

Through this process we attract persons and situations which we feel comfortable with. Then it is not so difficult to dare to be courageous in our lives and with our lives.

Being brave means going straight into the lion's den despite being afraid of the lion, with complete awareness about what can happen. You enter the den, for example, in order to save someone, as this is your highest intention. If you translate this picture and look who you are saving, it is yourself in the utter end. You want to save yourself you want to grow! 

This is what you decide and what you do, without knowing what the outcome will be. You trust your powers, while other people's opinions are unimportant. You have previously learned that you can depend on yourself through the work you so far have done.

Mother Theresa was a courageous woman. Her highest intention was to follow Jesus' message of also loving one's enemy. She said: "Do not wait for leaders, do it alone." 

In an interview she said the following: "Not being wanted, being unloved, not taken care of and forgotten by all is the greatest hunger, and a much greater poverty than the poverty of a starving person."

She followed the path she had to take in order to be the person she wanted to be. She wanted to make change. 

She has admitted that even though she could be afraid, she had to follow her belief. 

Mother Theresa is just one example of a great person. I have chosen her as an example because for me she is one of those who beautifully illustrate the concept of courage and honesty from a heart. 

To communicate with your honesty and from your heart and to give accept to those you want to talk with, without  letting your PD influence you, requires courage. In other words that sentence includes all 4 communication codes.

Deciding to make a change takes courage, even if it is only on the micro level in one's own life. As always with everything, it starts with oneself.

Code No.5 will come here soon. It is about how to use your energy to achieve an inner peace and balance. 

It is important to have inner balance before you share information, share thoughts, as your intention is that you want your message to be received in a good way.

I look forward to share this with you 😄

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